Warranty Information

At Tifosi Optics™ we have built our name through our customer service and standing behind our product 100%. Therefore, we will warranty any sunglass against manufacturer’s defects to the original owner for the life of the product. Tifosi Optics will either replace or repair your glasses at our sole discretion. Please also refer to the notes below to determine what constitutes a warranty claim.
  • Warranty claims can only be created if the product was purchased directly from www.tifosi-optics.co.uk or www.tifosi-optics.eu.
  • The warranty program does not include product that is normal wear and tear, lost, stolen, dropped, shattered, scratched, sat on, chewed by your pet, or any other damage that is caused by normal use.
  • Tifosi Optics has the sole discretion to decide what constitutes a manufacturer’s defect and what constitutes normal wear and tear. 
  • The warranty program does not include damage to sunglasses resulting from impacts with the ground or hard surfaces.
  • To start a warranty claim, visit our Contact Us page and choose Warranty Information or Claims from the dropdown.
  • This warranty also does not cover scratched lenses. Tifosi Optics does, however, offer replacement lenses online here.
  • Tifosi Optics also offers replacement ear and nose pieces online here.
  • If you make a claim on a sunglass model that is no longer available, Tifosi Optics reserves the right to send you a replacement piece of similar style and fit.
  • If you have had a crash on your bike, let us know and we might be able to support with a discount off a new pair of Tifosi's.